Long Weekend Updates

I took the day off Friday to unpack some boxes. I didn't really think about it until that morning that I had no meetings and should get some stuff out of the way around here. We have furniture, but lots of boxes to unpack, and still some more things to box up at the old house.

I also went to a chiropractor for a first visit on Friday. I'm really glad I went. There was no adjustments that visit, just X-rays and an assessment. I get to hear the analysis of my situation on Wednesday and I'll get my first adjustment then. My neck and my lower back have been killing me the past few months. Between the stress of moving and lack of yoga now that the gym at work is closed, I've been very cranky and sometimes downright angry. I don't like feeling that way.

I'm really tired now, so you'll have to excuse if this post sounds pretty lackluster, but there's been so much going on around here. Saturday, Phoebe and I went to her ice skating class while Tom continued working. He's been working a lot lately. The past week he's been getting up at about 4-5 AM, showering and going right to the study to work. Phoebe and I then went to the old house to dust the floors and mop the kitchen floor now that the furniture is gone.

The old house is also back on the market. I don't know what the story is of the people who had a contract on the house, but they had a home inspection done, turned in the report late so that they really missed the date to be allowed to have an inspection, asked for some wierd things to be fixed (a sidewalk that is perfectly fine, maybe one slab is slightly out of position, but not enough to be noticed and I'm pretty picky), when we agreed to do 10 of the 12 wierd things they said it wasn't good enough and wanted $1500 to repair the sidewalk. We went back and said we'd give $500 and sent them a letter that we wanted to know if they realized they were out of contract, as they also missed the deadline to agree to what fixes should be made as well as that they were submitted late. They sent a letter back asking for their deposit back as we won't make all the changes they want. Our realtor is asking a lawyer if we can keep their deposit as they breached the contract. This will be fun. Well the house was put back on the market on Friday afternoon. We had one appointment on Sunday. We'll see what happens next. I'm OK with this one being over, as I'd rather know now than the day before settlement that they don't really want to buy our house. I think they were looking for a way out and dragging their heels about it.

The rest of Saturday was spent getting a few neccessities at the mall and doing some grocery shopping. I made salmon for dinner. It was just OK.

Sunday we had a fabulous breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, strawberries, coffee and OJ (glad I went grocery shopping) and then we all went shoe shopping for Phoebe and me. When we got back Tom when right back to work in the study. I emptied out a bunch of more boxes and started straighening up things in the study. It's getting there. Phoebe played with a friend outside this afternoon and then they played up in her playroom. We had a great dinner tonight. I have to save this one. It was a salad with spinach, romaine, clover sprouts, diced red sweet peppers, sliced black olives, mandarin oranges, diced avacado, bacon, chopped hard boiled egg, croutons and roasted garlic and parmesean salad dressing. Mmmmm.... Also a slice of sundried tomato bread, some red seedless grapes and a glass of Pinot Grigio.

After dinner, we cleaned up, Tom went back to work, I emptied out more boxes, and had to write a post, especially so I won't forget what we had in that salad. I'm going to go get ready for bed and write out some more moving cards. I haven't sent them out yet!


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