I Got My Bridget Jones Fix!!!

I knew that Helen Fielding started writing her new Bridget Jones column in the Independent again back in August, but I couldn't find out where I could read it without having to either sign up for a subscription or pay for the individual articles. I know have found a website that has them all, and I've caught up-to-date on the new stories. I don't know why I'm such a Bridget junkie. I think mostly because I've married an American Mark Darcy/Mr. Darcy. It's almost like research into my DH. Unfortunately, Mark Darcy isn't in the new columns as much as I'd like, but the story line is awesome. I'm still hoping for a twist of fate that the DNA testing office was incorrect and that the baby will be Mark's and not Daniel's.


S said…
Ohhhh, you HAVE to pass on that goodness to me-I LOVE Bridget Jones!!

Where did you find it? Spill the beans!!

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