We Have Grass! (I Mean Hay!)

The grass seed at the new house with a hay overlay was put down yesterday. They are watering the lawn for me until it grows right. I picked up two 100 ft hoses and sprinklers last night on the way home and left them outside as requested, but they didn't use them. I'm waiting to find out how long they think it will be until I need a service to come and start cutting. They also planted the neighborhood trees on our property too. They look really nice. I still need to call the landscaper today and let him know that we are not avoiding him, just waiting to find out when we'll be able to not need to pay the mortgage on the old house. Still waiting for a new contract to come in. I hope it's a good one and that it is soon.

I cleaned downstairs a bit last night. I'm trying to get my weekly cleaning done during the week, so we don't have to do it on the weekend. I'm managing to keep up with laundry by doing some every day, so that helps. I also washed the dog last night. She really needed it.

AF is due this weekend. I'm curious to see what's going to happen. Early, late, or not at all???? Also, the chiropractor visits are going really well. I love sitting with my neck in traction. It feels so good!!!


emily said…
Hope the new contract is a good one.

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