Thank you everyone for your comments and well wishes on my last post. I'm trying to be really upbeat this cycle. It looks like I may trigger tonight. The nurses haven't left me my message yet on my voice mail box at the doctor's yet, so I'm not sure. The doctor has been popping in to every one of my visits. I think he's concerned that I haven't gotten pregnant yet and wants to watch how things are going at every step. It definately makes me feel upbeat getting so much personal attention.

The doctor is so funny, though. Today he asked me how we felt about twins. I said twins would be great! He said he wanted to ask because I have several large follicles and that it would be a strong possibility. Too funny though, I've had two failed months and he's talking about twins!


Crystal said…
Best wishes as you trigger! Come on eggies! :)
Loren said…
Oooooh, twins! You can always hope! :)
Keeping fingers's gotta be soon!
Dr. Grumbles said…
I am hoping for doubles!

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