Pre-IVF Tests Today

So today I'm going to the RE's office for a hysteroscopy, cultures and pap smear. After this the only thing I need to do is have some more bloodwork done on top of the bloodwork I had done back in February to clear me for ovulation induction. I'm getting some things done around the house before my appointment instead of going to the office and then driving again to the doctor's.

I'm really starting to not like driving too much with the cost of gas the way it is. We're also trying to do a lot of other things to save money around here. Planning meals, only buying what we need at the grocery store, laying low for the weekend to save on babysitter, etc. We're really noticing in our budget that things are getting tight with the cost of gas and food. Anyone else having concerns of the cost of things these days? What kind of things are you doing to save?

DH and I have been exercising every night with that regime we found on the infomercial. I'm really liking it. I'm not seeing any difference in the scale, but everything is feeling a lot tighter on my body and we're only on week 2.

BTW, there's a blogger I've been reading for quite some time that I'd like to recognize. She amazes me. She has two adopted children and is currently pregnant. She always sounds so upbeat, she's absolutely drop dead gorgeous and has such a beautiful, nice family. Check out this site, which is for her daughter from China. She also has links to her other blogs.


Trace said…
I've definitely noticed the increase in prices. We're going to farmers markets for veggies so they are local or organic. Meal planning and cooking at home definitely helps. I'm walking everywhere I can (luckily we live near a lot of things).

Good luck w/the RE! I just completed that stuff, next week we meet w/the doctor to sign the consent forms, and then I wait for my period (gulp!). I am getting really really nervous.

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