Moving on to IVF

So, Trace, remember my comment on your blog today about not wanting to move on to IVF? Well we are. DH and I went to the RE today and discussed our options. We all agreed we should go more aggressive, even though we're not sure why I'm not pregnant yet.

I'll have some more bloodwork and tests done this month and treatment will probably start next month. They are currently reviewing my chart to finalize what tests are needed and send us them in a packet in the mail in the next few days.

Earlier today, when we were leaving the doctor's office, I was starting to cry. I just can't believe we have to go this far. But as the day was going on my brain was adjusting to this new reality and I guess I'm OK. I need to continue the work I've been doing - destressing with exercise, meditations, imagery and Flylady routines; supporting this work with healthy food and supplements; and above all appreciate what I have now - the joys in my life - my family, friends, house and the love of my life. BTW, I've gotten sick of just referring to him as DH. I've decided to give him a fictitional name. I think I'll refer to him from now on as Leo. It is his sign and he is such a Leo.


Trace said…
You know, everyone keeps mentioning this Lupron, but the doctor didn't say anything. What he said sounded closer to the way you described...taking a month.

So, yes, we'll be IVF buddies.
Rumour Miller said…
I wish you well in this next step. I hope this is it!
Hopeful Mother said…
I remember that feeling too... but remember that we are all rooting for you here!!!
I'm so sorry that you have to take this step. I know how frustrating it is. We're here for you! Hang in there and keep doing all you can to stay in a positive and relaxed state.

S said…
I wished you the best. I hope for the best.
Lynda said…
I'm sure entering the IVF zone is a scary one but it's great you're taking the next step and giving it a shot. I used to think "no way" about IVF too but never say never - I could be going down that track too one day too. All the best with it!

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