CD22 - 12 DPO

I can't wait for the test tomorrow. I'm obsessing about everything. Every twinge, every cramp, every crying jag. I spotted again a bit this morning. It was dark brown. Is this my cervix being irritated by the progesterone suppositories? Is it that my period wants to come, but is held back by the progesterone? I've been feeling aware of the middle of my pubic bone. I haven't felt that since I was pregnant before when everything was trying to expand. I've felt a little cramp every once in awhile in the middle of my lower abdomen. That freaks me out. No lower back pain again this month which is great. One of the things I was worried about going back on IF treatments is my lower back pains getting worse during PMS. It was hit or miss every month when I wasn't doing IF treatments, but I remember a few years ago when we were trying again with the doctor, my lower back was unbearable.

I started a new exercise program last night and I have to admit I love it. It's something my DH bought from an infomercial. Ordinarily, I'm against buying stuff on infomercials, but I'm liking this one. I went back and forth with if this was the right time for me to be starting a new exercise program, for those who are thinking that this is not a good idea for me right now. And my decision was to go ahead, as I am relatively physically fit and have no health issues that would stand in the way. I was able to keep up with the workout for most of it, so it was a little challenging, but I'm feeling great today, just a little sore in my arms from doing some pushups but a good kind of sore.

I'll let you all know what happens tomorrow.


Kate said…
I'm crossing my fingers for you girl!
Rumour Miller said…
Fingers crossed!
Sara said…
I am so excited! Will be checking back all day!

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