I'm not a Byatch or Charlotte York

I hope I didn't go leaving everyone thinking I'm a total byatch with my last post. There were other thoughts that went through my head, such as "Was IF a real strain on their marriage? Am I causing a strain on my marriage too?" Leo and I have always agreed that our marriage comes first. Children are just a bonus. I did truly feel for her. But knowing that I attract the crazies and the way she said it so abruptly, made me flee for cover.

So the "Sex and the City" movie comes out this weekend! I'm very excited! I'm believe I know who I'm going to see it with, but it will wait until after this weekend. I want to wait a week or so for the crowds to die down. So don't anyone tell me what happens! I was a huge addict of the show. I've often wondered which one of the ladies I am, and I believe I'm a little of all of them. People in my life, including Leo, would probably say I'm Charlotte. I do tend to project that "Good Girl" image. However, I've been known to be crass about sex like Samantha (my personal favorite character), career-driven and no-nonsense like Miranda, and I have a love of fashion and shoes that comes close to rivaling Carrie's. The green jacket I'm wearing for my pic on my blog is my favorite piece in my wardrobe from an Italian designer and I've had people tell me they were discussing stealing it from me (jokingly of course, it was Leo's MBA graduation ceremomy, not North Phila!). I do think most women feel they have a little of each character within them and that's partially why it's so popular.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

I almost forgot. The exercise infomercial stuff we bought is from Beachbody, but it's the P90X regime. I really like it. We mostly got it because Leo wanted to get himself really buff for the summer (I don't mind him being buff either ;-)) And for me it's not bad because I don't mind doing some weight training. I just use the option to go with lighter weights and more reps. My core feels awesome in just a week and a half and my arms are getting that toned look again that I love so much. And they use a lot of yoga in the workouts. There is one day that is all a yoga workout similar to what my Iyengar yoga teacher's class is like. So it's a really good workout system, I think.


**susy** said…
We have p90x too. And its a tough workout, but a good one! As for SATC, im going this afternoon before the night crowds start. I don't think I cld wait longer than the weekend. Haha. Thnx for the comment, here from NCLM
Suzanne said…
Just saw SATC!!! It was awesome...take some tissues! Don't wait, crowds weren't that bad.

I think I relate to Charlotte the most!
Crystal said…
I just got back into town after a week long vacay, so I've had to work at catching up with some blogs and I'm catching up here. I can't wait to see SATC as well. I absolutely cannot wait. I hope to wait for the crowds to die down as well.

I also relate to Charlotte with a little bit of Samantha thrown in for good measure. If you ever want to talk about the move to IVF or anything like that, please let me know. Just e-mail me or what not. I'd be more than happy to be an ear. I also cried when we heard that news from our RE...It's a big step.

Lots of hugs and good thoughts coming your way as you embark on this journey.
Beth said…
I haven't had time to post this week but I have been reading. Best of luck with the IVF!!! I am super excited about it. Please post all the details - I am super curious!!! Oh, by the way - my hub says I'm a Charlotte with a little Carrie thrown in!!!
Martha said…
I don't think you sound like a Byatch! As a fellow crazy magnet, I can relate. Sending you all the best.

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