Talk About a Conversation Stopper

I'm signing in at the REs office yesterday and the woman in front of me is showing the assistant a picture of her three kids (all different ages) that the RE helped create. I decided to be really nice and admire the picture as well, stating that I also had a seven-year-old girl that the RE helped create.

The assistant makes a statement of how she must have her hands full, and she says, "Yeah well now they're really full in that their father just left us." OK, what do you say to that? I went with "Sorry to hear that." Makes you wonder what is she there for? I know she was meeting with the RE. Did they have to discuss disposition of items that might be jointly owned with her soon-to-be ex? Or is she as crazy as she seems and did she want to have another child? Who knows? I know I sat myself on the other end of the waiting room which was thankfully completely full. I attract the crazy people to me like flies. I like to avoid them when I can.


docgrumbles said…
Wow. That would be one awkward conversation. Wonder what she was there for?
Brandy said…
Whoa, that's a big statement to make to a stranger. I would have definitely felt ackward in that situation.

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