Gearing Up

I've been very bad for the past few days. So bad it's so good. But it has to stop. Tomorrow is my last birth control pill and then I get to wait for AF to show and to schedule my IVF baseline scan and bloodwork.

We had a very relaxing long weekend as we both took Monday off. Just hung out with Phoebe at the in-laws enjoying their pool. We really need one of those. I ate bad food like lots of ice cream, hot dogs and potato salad.

Now I'm starting my effort to detox again. I haven't had any coffee today and I will stay off the sauce again for the duration. I really haven't been liking it anyway. I've been pretty good with what I ate so far today. Thankfully I had leftovers still around the house, because I haven't cooked a bit. I want to cook dinner tonight. I think I'm going to make the tofu scramble I posted about before. That and a fresh salad. Mmmmm. Sounds good.


Martha said…
Sounds like a fun weekend and it's just not summer without a hot dog or ice cream cone once in awhile. Best of luck with your IVF work up.
dmarie said…
We're having salad tonight too. I found a dressing recipe we're loving that I may just have to post :)
Kate said…
Sounds like you had a nice weekend with your family. Good luck on the detox! I should get on the bandwagon.

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