Egg Retrieval Update

Just got back from the RE. Looks like we got 10 eggs. I get to call in tomorrow and listen to my voice mail box for the fertilization report. They say most likely the embryo transfer will be Monday, but that the voice mail box will keep me up to date on that. They are doing ICSI and hatching, in case anyone wanted to know. They said DH doesn't have sperm issues, but that they prefer doing ICSI to make sure they have good fertilization. We'll see now if the insurance will cover it. Otherwise, we have to foot the bill for it. I told them that was OK. Was else could I say?

On the "moment" that Phoebe and I had. I've been thinking about it lately, and I think having children really can help heal the wounds passed down from generations. I love my mom dearly (yes I do, Mom!), but I don't think we understand exactly where each other is coming from. I don't think we have as close of a relationship as some mother-daughters do. I'm sure having the relationship with me growing up probably helped how my mom dealt with the issues she had with her mother. I know I want to continue to have such a good relationship with Phoebe. No matter how many children may come after her, she will always be so special to me. I remember my mom saying that her mom thought her and her sister could be the next Shirley Temple and was shuttling them to dance, music and other lessons. I can see how you can feel that way. I think Phoebe is so amazing, beautiful, intelligent, graceful, well spoken. I think she could be a movie star if she wanted to. I'm definitely one of those moms that think her child is the best ever and can do anything.


Martha said…
Sending my best "Fertilization" karma to your babies-to-be.
So touching what you wrote about your mom and daughter. It really resonates with me, my relationship w/my parents, and with my sons. You're so right, each child is special and to have a brother or sister, a real gift for all you, including the Big Sis. Phoebe is one Super Lucky Young Lady! ((Hugs))
P.S. I am emailing you a link from LA Times with Colin Firth interview for Mamma Mia. I hope you enjoy.
Heather said…
10 is Fantastic!! Congrats! Sending good thoughts for the fert!
sky girl said…
10! That's great. Will look forward to hearing updates.
Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! :)
sara said…
Awesome news about the egg retrieval! I'm hoping for a great fert report for you tomorrow and and a speedy recovery as well. We did ICSI on ours too, even though my husband didn't have any male factor issues. I would do it again if we do IVF for our second child. Best of luck and lots of good vibes your way! Hope you're feeling okay after retrieval and not too sore. ((hugs))
Yeah 10 eggs! Thats great. Hoping for a wonderful fertilization report. Keep us informed. Keeping every body part I have crossed for you.

Loren said…
Good luck tomorrow!!!
I, too, hope my relationship with my daughter will heal some old wounds. Not that I'm expecting her to heal them- but maybe I can do things a bit differently then my mom and finally see what a mother/daughter relationship can really be like.
Joanne Balconis said…
May you have all the happiness in the world. Sorry you don't feel our relationship is the way you desire, but as I always say it takes 2 to make a relationship. Mom

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