IVF CD4 and Summer Camp Updates

Last night, our first night on this IVF journey, I started the Z-pack antibiotic and Leo started his antibiotic. I also had a shot of 3 vials of Bravelle. I go back to the RE for ultrasound and bloodwork on Thursday and Saturday.

Yesterday was Phoebe's first day of summer camp at OperaDelaware. She was so excited she could barely eat breakfast. She had a great time, of course, but she also made a new friend. They have the same name, but she spells it Phoebee. She's also 12 years old. They had lunch together and did a lot of activities together. They've decided they were the twin sister they never had. They apparently both look very similar (I haven't met her yet, so I don't know) and she's very nice but also crazy (I guess this is how Phoebe sees herself too, interesting, she's pretty close). I found out from her mother that her birthday is a week after Phoebe's, so them both being Libra's also explains a lot. She only had a half day of camp yesterday, as we had our 6 month dentist checkup in the afternoon. We all go in at one time, to make sure we all get there every 6 months no matter what. Dental care is very important to me. Found out, Phoebe needs to go to an orthodontist for an evaluation due to the structure of her mouth. Parts of that may get taken care of before she ever gets braces. Something new for me to look into. The dentist gave me some names, but I need to see what's covered under insurance.

Last night after dinner, we were all playing tennis on the driveway, and I started calling Phoebe my "California Girl." She really looks more like she belongs in California with the golden sun bleached areas of her dark brown hair and her long skinny athetic body. She's a real good kid. We're very lucky to have her.


Martha said…
That is so cool about your wonderful daughter, "California Girl". Hey, I've got two boys (13 and 10 y/o), always wanted a daughter, live in California, hmmm. Your Phoebe is lucky to have such good parents. Thinking of you all as you complete the protocol.
Sending lots of good thoughts your way as you begin your IVF journey! :)
Just Me. said…
Huge hugs coming your way as you begin your IVF journey.

May this be the cycle for you.

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