IVF - CD3 - Baseline

AF showed up on Saturday, so I went in for my baseline ultrasound and bloodwork this morning. I then spoke with the IVF coordinator and got my instructions for the next few days. Then I met with L in Billing and found out I wasn't approved yet through the insurance because she was on vacation when the decision was made, so she didn't know. She fixed it all up with the insurance company. There is a special place in heaven for L. She always takes care of this stuff.

I'm very excited, but of course, I'm trying to relax. I'm working very hard to stay away from coffee and to eat healthy. Right now, I'm eating shredded carrots with lemon juice and olive oil, which is in "The Fertile Female" by Julia Indichova. For lunch, I have some miso soup, tofu scramble and steamed kale. I think for dinner tonight we will have the quinoa salad I posted about the other day.


Martha said…
Wow, that's great! I wish you were my personal chef, it all sounds delish!
Lynda said…
All the best and you're doing well with relaxing.
Billie said…
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya.
JILL said…
I am currently going through my first IVF. My retrieval should be next week. I enjoyed reading your blog and will pray for you that you get a positive pregnancy test next week!

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