I Gave Myself an IM Injection of PIO

To translate the title - I just gave myself an intramuscular injection of progesterone in oil. For those that don't know this is done in the top outer quadrant of your butt! I just called Leo at his parents house to ease his mind. He's in the middle of remodeling his parent's kitchen with his brother and brother-in-law. I had a feeling it would go late, so I went to my friend Google and found this post. It really eased my mind on trying to do this myself. I gathered up all my supplies and put it in on my left top buttock and it was easy! I thought such a big needle would be nerve-wracking. It was really not a big deal at all.

Oh and I made some great guacamole tonight! I'll need to post that recipe. BTW, I also need to post pics from Friday's show, but Leo has the camera to take pics of the kitchen work they are doing.


dmarie said…
Good for you! Sorry you were on your own, but what a sweet hubby to help his parents out.

Sending good thoughts for Wednesday!
docgrumbles said…
wow! I couldn't even handle the trigger shot, I don't know if I could handle PIO!
Martha said…
Way to Go, Heather! Can't wait to see the pix and will be thinking of you tomorrow.
Kate said…
I hope your transfer goes well! You are a tough cookie to do your own PIO. I couldn't even consider IVF because of the thought of having to do PIO. I'm a huge chicken. Wow, congrats girl! I'll be crossing my fingers that those two embies stick!

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