Transfer Moved to Wednesday

False alarm. The transfer is moved to Wednesday. The doctor reported that of the 5 embryos, we have four that look great and one that's not a great. They wanted to know if we wanted to freeze any embryos. If we did, they'd transfer two and freeze the other two that look good. Or if we didn't want to freeze, they'd rather wait for Wednesday and transfer the best. They said that waiting until Wednesday would get them to pick the best and have them be stronger for transfer.

So with it not being a lot of embryos and I'm not sure what I think of paying money to freeze just two, we agreed to wait until Wednesday and not do the freezing of any.

But I had already taken the day off, so I'm going to get some things done around the house. This works better for us too, because Leo had to go back to his parents to finish the electric and cabinets in the kitchen. He really wants to be there for the transfer. He's so sweet.


sky girl said…
So they will be a 5 day blast then right? That's great!
sara said…
Thanks for the update :-) I hope your five day transfer goes picture perfect on Wednesday - and I will be keeping you in my thoughts for some sticky sticky embryos no matter how many you transfer!
Martha said…
Your DH sounds really wonderful and sending my best for Wednesday. Thanks for the update and so glad you like the Colin article. ((Hugs)) to you.

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