IVF CD13 - Retrieval Tomorrow

It's official. My egg retrieval is 8:30 AM tomorrow morning. They had me take my HcG shot last night at 10:30 PM. They wanted me to take it in my thigh, so I was able to do it myself. I don't mind giving myself shots in the thigh. I actually am starting to think I prefer doing it myself.

I'm not sure when the embryo transfer will be. I don't know if he'll want to do it on Monday, which would be three days or if he'll wait longer. I do know that I'm arranging it to not come into the office for the day of the transfer and the two following days. I'll do some work at home, but other than that I'm going to chill out.

I found out last night that DD is a happy crier just like me. We pulled into the driveway after work/camp yesterday and we were singing "The Power of Two" by the Indigo Girls. Now I know this song is supposed to be about a romantic love, but I told Phoebe that this song always makes me think about her especially the lines "I'm stronger than the monster beneath your bed. Smarter than the tricks played on your heart. We'll look at them together and take them apart." Or something like that. It's that I always want to be there for her and be supportive. Kind of like the "You and Me Against the World" from the 70s. Anyway, we hugged in the car and I started crying and telling her I am so lucky to have her. She started crying too. My excuse is I'm hopped up on hormones. What's her excuse? I'd like to think that she loves me a lot too. I'll remember that moment of us hugging in the car forever.


Martha said…
Best Wishes tomorrow and will be thinking of your babies to be! That is so incredibly sweet with you and your daughter, hormones aren't contagious are they?
Hopeful Mother said…
All the best for tomorrow!
Kate said…
What a beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing. Good luck tomorrow!
sara said…
Alright, now I think my hormones are all jacked up myself because I got teary eyed reading about you in the car hugging. That is so sweet! I'm keeping everything crossed for you tomorrow!
dmarie said…
Good luck tomorrow!

Ok, the moment story made me teary too. What's my excuse?
Wishing you the very best!!!!! I truly hope you get some wonderful news in 2 weeks :-)

You have a relationship w/ you daughter that we all hope to have with our children. You're such a great Mommy.

Crystal said…
Good luck with your retrieval today! I love the song the Power of two. Sending out lots of powerful thoughts and prayers for you out into the Universe for a successful Fert!


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