IVF CD12 Updates

I've been going to the doctor's office every day this week for bloodwork and ultrasound. My veins are going to be practically unusable soon. The doctor scanned me this morning and he's thinking egg retrieval will be Friday. He was commenting that I'd probably get a shot of HcG tonight. Leo left for NYC today and he'll be there tonight and tomorrow. I'll call him to come home if I really need to, but it sounds like not much is going on until Friday. Except I believe my HcG shot should be done on my behind. I can probably have my nurse best buddy that's five minutes from my house do it. I don't think she'd mind at all.

I'm doing OK. Feeling good. I've been trying to keep doing my imagery and some yoga in order to reduce stressful feelings. I do have to say that having all these hormones in the system can really up the stress level. Next week after the embryo transfer I'll be taking a few days off work to chill at home. I'm actually looking forward to it.


Martha said…
Thanks for the update, sounds like things are on target w/ER. I bet your nurse buddy will be delighted to "shoot you up", I've done Hcg and PIO shots for a few neighbors whose spouses were needle phobic. So glad you are taking some downtime next week. (Time to get out the Pride and Prejudice or Bridget Jones DVDs and get a Colin Firth fix?) Thanks as always for your nice comments and Wow, I just read the story about your big, strong girl's pulmonary surgery after birth. Whew, to go through all that right after birth and IF tx, holy crap, ((Hugs)) Your daughter is so beautiful and know your next one will be too.
Kirsten said…
I'm so excited for you...reading that actually makes me miss the whole procedure and the excitement that comes along with it. I'll be praying for great results!!!
sara said…
Definitely have your nurse friend do the shot if you need to - us nurses always love shooting up our friends, LOL! Just kidding. If I lived closer I'd be happy to give you a shot in the behind - only saying that in the nicest way :-) I'm hoping you get some good news about your retrieval soon and everything continues to run smoothly. I'm getting really excited for you! It's great to have a few days off afterwards to take it easy and recope and recover. Yeah, you're right, all the hormones make even the sanest person feel a little off. So you're doing great - Friday is almost here. ((hugs))
Trace said…
Oh wow! That was so fast! Good luck!
Watson said…
Egg retrieval is MUCH more important than BlogHer, girlfriend. I wish you all the best for a great outcome!

And hope to meet you (with breast pump in tow!) next year!

And don't forget to rest and relax after the transfer


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