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PG - 14 Weeks 1 Day - Ultrasound Withdrawl

Nothing exciting to report. This is the first Monday since I was 6 weeks pregnant that I haven't had an ultrasound. I won't have another one until 2/23, so I'll be wondering until then what we're having. Thankfully, since I feel them move every now and then - it is still too early to be consistent - I feel that everything is OK.

Everything else is completely busy though. I never really seem to have any time for any quiet time for me - unless I'm comatose sleeping. I'm busy at work - Friday was horrible I felt terrible at the end of the day it was so horrible. I'm busy at home - keeping up with laundry and bills. Thankfully Leo has been doing most of the cooking. I like to eat, but I'm too tired to cook.

We bought Phoebe new ice skates on Saturday. They are a size 5. Yes, a women's size 5!!!! She's only 8 years old!!! She really measures as a size 4, but in order to keep her in her skates longer, they always let you go up a size. It really doesn't affect their skating. She just needs to get used to having a bigger boot while she skates now. This week, her coach will be giving her the routine for the exhibition in March, so we'll be spending more time at the rink to practice and make sure she's ready. I hope this gives her the confidence to do more shows. She really is good and her coach says she's got the perfect build for an ice skater. And she's really quite fearless. She was born the Year of the Golden Dragon (2000) and that is one of the qualities of people born that year.

Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year! These babies will be born in the year of the Ox. A very good year for a steadfast, hard-working person. I can't fit into my silk Chinese jacket right now, but I wore my jade necklace that Leo bought me in China. It has a Chinese character on it that is supposed to mean "happiness." May we have lots of happiness in this new year!


Martha said…
Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. That is so wonderful about Phoebe, how thrilling. I hope you get some quiet time so you can feel your bouncing babies. Thank you for the update and nice birthday greetings to our 11 y/o.
UGH. I hate U/S withdrawal. I went through it too and its tough. Luckily, we are just around the corner from February and the 23rd will be here before you know it. And you're feeling them already? That's so exciting!!!
Anna said…
Well, only a few more weeks until you find out the gender(s). Makes the wait one to absolutely look forward to with much anticipation. I'm totally excited for you!!

How totally wonderful your DH does most of the cooking.
I'm almost jealous :o)...almost..

Happy New Year to you as well.

Just Me. said…
Happy Chinese New Year!!! If you were here, I'd cook you some stir-fry..but then again, you know me and my cooking. :)

That's just awesome news about feeling your babies. Is that the most amazing thing?
OMG - I am just catching up. I am SOOO happy for you. I know you have waited a long time for this.

Anonymous said…
I haven't checked in for little while! I'm so glad everything going smoothly!
Anonymous said…
I haven't checked in for little while! I'm so glad everything going smoothly!
Jill said…
Oh-I know what you mean about the u/s withdrawals. I've got a 12 week u/s on Wed for my NT scan. Then I won't have another until week 16. Us infertiles just love procedures, don't we? Hang in there!
Lynda said…
I'm glad all is going well with you and the babies - and Phoebe is doing so well on the ice. x

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