Blizzard of 2010

We got hit with a one-two punch this weekend and then again on Tuesday night/Wednesday all day. Saturday we got about 20 inches of snow and then another 20 inches on Wednesday. Here's some pics from both days in the snow.

Leo and Phoebe Trying to Start the Cleanup on Saturday

Leo and Phoebe in the path they made to the front door on Saturday afternoon. We got 20 to 24 inches but the snow drifts made it higher in some areas.

Here's Phoebe and her friends from the neighborhood playing in the snow on Wednesday while it was still coming down strong. Phoebe is in the way right of the photo with the beige jacket, black snow pants and pink scarf.

My office has been closed yesterday and today as Delaware did declare a state of emergency. That's the only time my office closes, so I'm enjoying the time at home with just checking on work emails every now and then. Yesterday I couldn't connect to work at all, so that was a little nice.

The boys just finished lunch and we're going to take them out in the snow for a little before their afternoon nap. I'll try to get some nice pictures of them outside. I did get some nice pics of them inside this morning as they are wearing my favorite outfit. I wanted a pic of them in it before they outgrow them.


Heather said…
I can't even fathom that much snow...
Carrie Ann said…
Wow!! You got us beat - we got over 12 inches and this is Chicago - I thought you lived somewhere nice and sunny.....too weird you got so much snow!! Well at least it's a fun treat for the kids. Great pics!

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