Getting Caught Up

We got snow last night, so Phoebe's school has a two hour delay. Because of that I'll work from home today so I can get her on the bus, which is great! I worked from home yesterday, and I'm getting caught up on so much with work and home. Leo would ordinarily be able to get her on the bus, but he's leaving right now to catch a train for work in NYC today.

When I work from home, I really do knuckle under and sit at my desk and get things done. Then that way, I can feel comfortable when I'm done a the end of the day to get home stuff done. Last night things I got done were paying bills and working our overall budget and making some food for the boys as the freezer was out of dinner meals. I made sweet potatoes with green beans. Tonight I'll make brown rice cereal with peas and corn. I like making the whole meal mixed together for them and freezing it in cubes that way all we have to do is heat up the cube in the microwave.

I'm also really excited as I ordered seeds from Burpee for starting our garden for this summer!!! I'm so excited with everything I ordered. I haven't ever started my garden from seeds, but I'm really psyched to try! I ordered tomatoes, zucchini, red bell peppers, strawberries (those are plants), lettuce, two different kinds of hot peppers, lots of herbs like basil, garlic chives, lavender, oregano, mint and parsely. Also some marigolds and vincas for some pretty flowers. We haven't had a garden since we moved to the new house four years ago. We used to have amazing gardens though. When we had an apartment our complex used to have a patio contest and we'd win every year! I especially figured we should work on a garden this year as we don't go much of anywhere, so we're definitely home to take care of the garden. Plus, we'll save money this summer on having our own food.

We've also ordered a freezer!!! We used to have a stand up freezer (not the chest kind) at the old house, but we gave it to Leo's brother so it was one less thing to move. I've missed it so. We have a freezer with our refrigerator, but when it comes to putting up freezer meals or buying frozen veggies and fruits for dinners and smoothies or even buying meats when they are on sale, we just run out of space. We're supposed to pick it up Saturday, but I think that's going to be derailed because of another snowstorm. And the one the weekend is supposed to be a big one.

I'm curious to see what kind of things I can get done today. Next big things are getting our tax papers ready for the accountant and planning the boys baptism. For the family that reads the blog, I did get the boys baptism scheduled. I have to make some phone calls to let people know. It's going to be March 7th during the noon mass at our church.


Carrie Ann said…
That's great that you can work at home and get everything done. Thanks for the reminder to puree some veggies for Teddy!
Anonymous said…
Girl... you made me tired just reading about your schedule.
Deanna said…
That's so cool that you are planning a big garden. I've never been much good at things like that, but I think my husband would like to have one eventually. We are buying a freezer soon too... once these girls start eating with us, we will need to buy groceries in bulk!!
Hahah, you KNOW you're a grown-up when you get excited about new home appliances. Me, I dream of the day we finally get a washer and dryer in our place. Sigh...

Enjoy your garden! That's another thing I dream of someday.
Billie said…
I'm finally catching up on blogs. So glad to see and read about the boys. Sounds like life is hectic but really, really good.
Martha said…
It sounds like wonderful plans, I am looking forward to gardening too. Best Wishes for the twins baptism.

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