Crazy Week, Crazy Weather

The weather this week has been crazy. We were supposed to get dumped on a lot of snow yesterday. The schools closed, I worked from home and we waited for the heavy snow to start. It didn't show up. We felt like fools for staying home, although I did get a lot of work done from home. It seems the snow is here now though, although we won't get as much as they had originally predicted. We were supposed to get 8 inches, but maybe we'll only get 3-5 inches. Leo is in White Plains, New York and they are getting a lot more snow than we are here, so he's going to try to make his way home. He takes two trains to get out there, so at least he doesn't have to try to drive in this. I hope Amtrak and the NY trains are running OK and he makes it home soon. He's been gone all week, so I miss him lots.

Leo was also sick with some kind of a stomach bug on Sunday. He didn't throw up, but he said his stomach was queasy and he had a fever. Unfortunately, he thought it was his usual acidic stomach and we didn't know he had a fever until that night. Him and Tommy were all over each other on Sunday and Tommy did get something from him but he never got a fever. Tommy usually has a lot of spitup, but on Wednesday it was a lot more and I actually felt his stomach heaving, like it does when you are throwing up. Tommy didn't get a fever, but yesterday Tommy woke up with a much drier diaper than usual and was not acting like himself. We let him sleep a lot and drink some juice as well as his formula. He didn't seem to throw up all though there was a lot of spitup still. His diapers were very wet again in the afternoon, so I didn't call the doctor. Today he's acting like his old crazy self again.

On top of all this, Phoebe had her annual physical and the boys had their monthly Synagis (RSV) shots on Monday. We all went in together. Niki went with me as Leo stomach was still feeling off. Everything went well and we found out March will be their last Synagis shot this RSV season. I scheduled their 9-month and 1-year checkups and they recommended I schedule their next appointment after the 1 year one (I don't know if it's 15 month or 18 month) when we come in for the 9-month check. Our pediatrician's schedule gets really full fast.

I've been in a bit of a funk this week. Very overwhelmed with all the work and home stuff that needs to get done. I'm trying to get back on the Flylady bandwagon and when I start to feel overwhelmed I'm trying to hear her tell me "Just take babysteps!" It's so true. I got lots done over the past few days, even though there is still so much more to do, it will all eventually get done. I need to also say that Marcia is also very inspiring and so is Indigo Girl. Marcia had a post reminding me to write my goals and what success means to me. Prioritizing my to do list has been much easier since writing down what success means to me. And Indigo Girl encourages me to get back to exercising, not that I've found the energy to do that yet. I do feel so much better when I exercise.

We had a great time last night! I let Phoebe stay up late to watch ladies' figure skating on the Olympics. It was on so late though, I started taping it and we fell asleep. We'll finish watching it today. I did get to watch the Korean skater that is so good. Very happy she did so well. Now if I could just get Phoebe interested in competing again in ice skating. She's doing so well, but doesn't want to compete and I don't want to push her.

Alright! Here I go to attack my day! Let's see what I can get done!


Heather said…
Hope he gets home ok and everyone feels better soon!
Queenie. . . said…
Hasn't the weather been wild? I currently have no power, which means no heat. I'm hanging out at the home of the only person I know who actually has power. It's like everyone in Northern New England lost it last night in this wild wind and rain storm. Then it got sunny this morning, then hailed. So weird, especially for February.

I feel overwhelmed at home, too. Flylady is a good idea. I haven't visited her in a long time, but I should.
Leigh said…
Thank you, Heather, that means a lot to me.

This evening instead of doing business stuff i decided to tackle the kitchen. It now looks fabulous - tidy and organised - there's also baby food in my freezer.

However, my study is swimming in paper - I was sorting and categorising and I forgot to finish that before starting on the kitchen :)

Oh well, off to read now - priorities ;)

have a lovely weekend - hope Leo is 100% soon
Spanglish said…
The weather has been ridiculous this winter.

I'm glad everyone is on the mend, and I hope the man is home soon! It stinks having sickies in the house.

Getting overwhelmed is easy... especially in the winter. Especially with a house full of children. Especially juggling home, family, work, and self. It's easy to fall into feeling out of control. XO

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