House Snow Pic and The Boys

This snow is crazy! Here's a picture of our house, mailbox and driveway after this latest round of snow. I know they get snow like this in some areas of the US, but we usually don't and we're so not used to this!

Meanwhile, inside as we try to stay warm, I got some pics of the boys in my favorite outfits before they outgrow them. My SIL that watches them for us bought them and they are perfect! Liam's says "Mom's Little Monkey" which is awesome as that is what I call him. I swear when he starts moving he's going to be a climber Tommy's says "How I roll!" which is great for him, as that's what he loves to do. He rolls all over the room and can cover lots of ground just by rolling.

On the moving around baby update, Tommy is on the verge of crawling still and getting better every day. He's pushing himself forward with his toes, pulling himself with his arms, doing a full extension pushup with his arms, everything except getting his knees underneath him and moving. Liam still does not roll for us during the day when he is awake. Last night though he did roll twice in his crib when he was supposed to be falling asleep. Twice I had to go in and turn him over as he didn't want to be on his stomach. The second time I went, I picked him up, swayed him and I whispered to him how he could work on rolling tomorrow but not now, not when he should be sleeping. That seemed to do the trick and he fell asleep soon afterward. I wonder if he will try today during the day.

Last night for dinner we had whole wheat "make your own pizzas". It was awesome. I made my whole wheat pizza dough from my favorite vegetarian cookbook and split it into four balls so we could each have individual pizzas. Mine was the loaded one with zucchini, fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic and olives, along with the usual tomato sauce and shredded cheese. It was awesome! We all got to love the individual flavors of our pizzas. I'll have to do this more often.


Queenie. . . said…
I live in an area of the couintry that DOES get that kind of snow, and yet the ground here is bare. It's been a weird weather year.

The boys are just so cute-love the shirts.
Suzanne said…
Wow! That is some SNOW! And I've been whining about the cold weather here! I'll be quiet now!

The boys are so cute! Love their outfits!
Martha said…
The pizza sounds yummy and your boys are so CUTE in their tshirts.
Look at that Snow!! It's 68 degrees here and sunny, nuff said.
docgrumbles said…
Those are two gorgeous boys!
Soralis said…
The boys are adorable!! Takes me back to when mine were small! :)

That's more snow than we have up here in the Great White North! :)

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