First Sled Ride!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day to take the babies outside. The temp was warm, there was no wind at all, and the snow is still plentiful. We love to go sledding and we have one of the neighborhood water basins on our property, which makes for perfect conditions. I had to capture the boys first sledding with Daddy on video of course.

First was Tommy and his Daddy on the hill

Next was Liam and his Daddy on the hill

Then they all went down together

Of course Phoebe had fun sledding. Must include video of the big sis!

We then took some still photos. Here's Phoebe and her brothers sitting on the hill! I didn't notice until after uploading these photos that Liam was smiling.

Here's a close up of the boys.

We tired Liam out. You can see just how much we tired him out. I'm not sure how one can sleep sitting in snow, but he did!


Queenie. . . said…
So cute!

We still have no snow here, although we are supposed to get a bit today. At this rate, Miss M won't see her first real snow until next year!
Carrie Ann said…
Adorable pics!! Love that Liam fell asleep - the snow looked like one of those Bumbo seats!
Leigh said…
OH MY WORD HEATHER, all the kids are gorgeous like their mum and dad! Will have to watch videos from home (somehow they block them from work *ahem*) but the photos are lovely - love the smile and that Liam fell asleep - too darn cute. If they were here in person, I'd give them such BIG hugs!

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