Weekend Progress and Tommy Has Teeth

The weekend is turning out great! It's wonderful to have Leo home. Yesterday morning we got all our tax papers together and got them over to the accountant. And it all happened with very little issues. Getting tax stuff together usually leaves me frustrated. We declare our home office as a deduction as Tom works from home. But this year we had a checklist and were able to pull everything together fairly quickly. Boring as it may seem, we also bought lots of batteries and replaced the dead ones in lots of the babies toys.

Today I have lots of stuff to do too, but I at least used the elliptical machine and did a 20 minute yoga podcast from yogadownload.com. They really are fabulous podcasts. I found them on iTunes and not from their website though. Soon I will get a shower and get to bills and our finances. I'll make a menu plan for the week and decide if I need anything from the grocery store tomorrow.

And huge news! Tommy has at least one bottom tooth cutting through!!! Poor kid! No wonder he's been sucking his thumb and wanting some comfort. Now if we could just fix his spitting up. Anyone have any advice on this one? Ever since he's been about 5 months old, he spits up a lot.... ALL THE TIME! You never know when it's going to come. It could come hours after he's eaten something. At their 6 month check the doctor said it was probably because he's the active one. But I really can't wait for the day I can hold him freely and not feel like I'm going to need to have a wardrobe change. If we weren't careful with him, we'd be changing ourselves and him 5 times a day. We already with being careful have to change him usually once a day. Has anyone experienced this and have any idea when it went away? I just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not sure if it's reflux, but he's not diagnosed, because he's definitely thriving. Any advice anyone has is greatly appreciated.


Leigh said…
yay to the taxes. Am coaching someone and on her goals every week, we put taxes - it's so dreadful to her :)

And bigger yay to Tommy for his tooth - precious boy, now he can relax :) I told my two I am in no rush for their next teeth and all drama...
Rebecca said…
That yoga site is awesome...thanks for the heads up.

I don't really have any advice on the spitting up though...sounds rough. Sorry.
Heather said…
So glad Leo got home safe and sound!!

I don't have any assvice about what Tommy is going through but I hope it clears up soon.
Mandibula said…
Sick thought, I love doing taxes. I do ours, friends, and people at work!

I am dreading teeth. My Claire has the same spit up problem. I tried letting her sit for a while after they eat to let her food settle but no dice. She's spit up as soon as she moves and it doesn't stop. It can come hours after she has eaten or first thing in the morning. I've added cereal too but nothing helps. If you find something do share!
Deanna said…
I'm always surprised when I find a tooth...I'm like, Ohhhh, now I understand why you were so fussy! : )

I don't have any spit-up suggestions. My girls did it early on, but cereal in their bottles helped a ton. They have done it a few times lately, and like you, I have no idea why.
Soralis said…
Hang in there with clothing changes... it feels like they are never going to grow out of it but they eventually do. (It took me a while to realize when one of my boys finally stopped! :) )

Ouch to the teeth, hope they come through quickly! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :)
Martha said…
Wow, good for you for being organized re.taxes, we are all done too.
So cute about Tommy's tooth, sorry for the upchuck festival.

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