Boys Sleeping - Or Not So Much?

So the boys have been out of cribs and the sleeping is not going so well.  Naps are pretty much non-existent and they fall asleep pretty late, although they do stay in their room, just playing until they drop.  When one of them wakes up in the morning, they wake up the other one whether they were ready or not. This would never happen in crib days, as they couldn't poke each other, just yell at each other which would take awhile before the one asleep would notice.  It was time though.  They are three years old already and Tom's one sister needed one of the cribs as she's due any day now.  Here they are falling asleep at night finally.

And a rare day that they napped in the afternoon

I am working on picking out a bunk bed set that comes apart to make two twin beds, but now this is good, as you can see Liam can't even stay in a bed.  I frequently find him on the floor.  The beds I'm looking at also have bed rails built in.  I also want to get blackout curtains for their room too and then we'll all be set up.

Well, I need to go chase them back into their beds again, so talk to you later.


*ahem* I nearly posted last night on our current "night dread" but I'd promised Tasha (blog reader :)) that I'd do the nanny update.

So next week or the weekend - promise :) BUT you are not alone.

Keep telling yourself this!
cat said…
Oh gosh, these transitions are not always easy. Hang in there.
So funny... um, or not. I'm sorry! That looks like it's trouble.

I've had luck finding furniture on craigslist lately.
Anonymous said…
We have no luck with keeping our little one in her room. She leave constantly and have no idea how to keep her in. Debating about a baby gate.
Love these photos! Getting our son to sleep has always been such a struggle -- however I think often of folks with more than one kid (esp. twins) and wonder how the heck that works.

Wishing you guys luck in the transition.
Deanna said…
Ughhh...sleep problems are the worst! Doesn't sound like it's been a fun transition. Those pictures are kind of hilarious though! : )

Maybe they will stay in bed better when they are in real beds? As in, maybe they subconsciously know they won't fall with just the mattress on the floor? My girls had been sleeping right up next to the front crib bars and I worried they would fall out when I removed it. M still sleeps right on the edge, but so far has not rolled out.

I also threaten to put the crib back up if they don't show me they are big girls and stay in bed!

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