Why I'm Glad I Work Right Now

Something I've been struggling with since the boys were born is whether or not I should go back to work.  After Phoebe was born, I didn't wrestle with that decision.  It was pretty much assumed I'd go back to work and I did with no questions in my head.  Having the boys and now that Phoebe is older and seems to need me more to talk about tween issues, I've questioned if I should stop working to be more available for the kids.

Recently, I've come to terms with being back at work, and I'm glad to know that I am working for right now.  I still have the struggle of the balance of work vs. family life, but some things have happened recently that have made me OK with it.  My DH might not have a job sometime after June 30th.  The company he works for is being sold on this day.  Our health benefits are all currently with his job and it's nice to know that I could call up my HR department at a moment's notice and sign up for health benefits at my work.  It's also nice to know that while expenses would be tight if DH was out of work, the fact that I'm working would give him a little breathing room to find a new job.  We could get by on my salary if we really had to.

This still doesn't mean my entrepreneurial spirit is dampened thinking I need to stay in the corporate world for stability.  However, right now, I think it's the right thing.  I hope all goes well with his job, although from what I've heard from DH, I don't think he wants to work for this company that is taking over and I'd rather him work for a company he likes and believes in.  I do hope that after the sale is over, and we are waiting for the sale for some other benefits that will come to us from it, he finds another job quickly.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Mandy said…
I so glad you're comfortable. It took me a while to come to terms with my unhappiness, and it took even longer to actually quit. I can't make that balance but more power to you!!

Hope everything works out. I hate the limbo game.
Deanna said…
I know the feeling! Maybe your hubby can take advantage of this opportunity to find something even better.

J is really, really unhappy at his job right now. I am so hoping he can make a change soon.
D is also very unhappy at his job like Deanna's J.

What is this???!!!

We've reached that goal too where we can live off my salary but I am NOT keen to experiment with it.

Good on you for reaching that acceptance.
Queenie. . . said…
We're living off one salary right now (I'm working), and I have to say, I LOVE having my husband home with the kids, and my husband loves it too. It's awesome! He takes care of the house stuff (ie, cleaning, laundry, groceries), and as much as I would love staying home, I also am loving the mental stimulation of work, while also knowing that the kids are with him. It gives me such peace of mind! I hope if your husband's job falls apart after the sale that he enjoys his time at home. Sometimes the silver lining isn't so bad.
Heather said…
LOL! He does joke about having the summer off and he is awesome with his boys!
Sorry about DH losing his job. That's always hard.

Working or not working is something I struggle with all the time. I work PT, which I feel is great, but often everything is still half of each and not necessarily all of me. You know?
cat said…
Here's hoping for the best during this stressful period

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