For the Love of Big Bang Theory

I've fallen in love with the show "The Big Bang Theory".  Amy's character and relationship with Sheldon is one of the reasons why.  It may seem hard to believe, but my mother can attest, growing up, I was Amy's character.  Socially inept, very bright and bad taste in clothes, LOL.  I wasn't in neuroscience, but I was in electrical engineering, so what's the difference?  I do love Star Trek too, which is more Sheldon-like.  I find a lot of nostalgia for my youth in watching this show, but the other characters are still a lot like the statisticians I work with every day.  We're all pretty geeky around here.  I got the boys and Phoebe to watch Star Trek the Next Generation the other day with me.  I was trying to get them to say Jean-Luc Picard.  Didn't happen, but they liked the show.  There is hope for them yet.  The boys did see a small red planet in a book the other day and said, "That's Mars!"  Oh yes, my little geeks in training that is Mars!!!


I adore this show! I am not a smart nerd, but I am a Star Wars nerd. Sheldon is the number one reason to watch this show. Even though he would probably drive me a bit nuts in real life... :)
I love that you just confessed to that all. :)
Deanna said…
We LOVE Big Bang theory. Sheldon is the best!

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