Broken Windows, Toes and School Deposit

This week was Phoebe's first week off school for the summer.  Hopefully this week won't be an omen of what's to come for the rest of summer vacation.  It was a very interesting and eventful week:

  • The boys had their first dentist visit.  Phoebe and I had our regular cleanings that day too.  The boys did well and I think they are on their way to understanding we go to the dentist every 6 months and it's easy and fun.
  • Tommy broke a window in the living room the one evening.  He through a sippy cup at the window and broke the first pane of a double-paned window.  We have it taped up until I can find out the best solution to get it fixed.  My neighbor across the street had one of her boys break a window a few months ago.  I'm going to ask her who she had fix it, but she's out of town for a few days.
  • Phoebe fractured her baby toe on her right foot that same evening.  She fell when she was playing.  She had X-rays that confirmed a fracture and they taped it to the other toe, gave her a boot to wear for the next week, and told her for the next six weeks to wear sneakers instead of sandals or flip flops.  But at least she's not with a cast on and can still swim in pools.  
  • I officially put in my deposit on the EMBA program in the fall.  I officially got the approval that work will pay for part of it and the school is also giving me a partial scholarship.  
  • Last night we had the neighbor's daughter and her boyfriend over for dinner.  They are both in their junior year of college and are cool to hang with.  Her mom is the neighbor that's out of town, so we thought it would be nice to ask them over to dinner.  Tom made lobster, roasted potatoes and I made a salad.  It was very yummy!
  • And last but not least, the boys pulled down half of the curtain rod in their bedroom this morning that we just installed the other week for the blackout curtains.  Tom will be fixing that shortly.
I am now going to clean up the house and do some laundry before we go to a graduation party this afternoon with the kids.  I'm sure we'll all have a good time.  I'm looking forward to enjoying Father's Day tomorrow with the family as well.


oh no, hospital trips are never pleasant and I suspect the broken windows are a new milestone with two little guys in the house :)
Mandy said…
HOORAY for scholarships! My very last semester I was awarded a partial state funded scholarship, that the state would pay if they found them money! HA! How generous!

Can they just fix a single pane easily? My cousin opted for just a new window when she cracked a pane because the cost wasn't significantly cheaper. Boys will be boys I suppose :)
Terry Arnold said…
Sometimes, it isn't fun if they don't break anything in the house. I have my little ones, too. They break not just the windows, but also the locks, knobs or anything that has hinges. You can replace all these material things but not the joy of having the children act as they are expected to. They won't stay young forever.
Yikes! Broken windows?

Congrats on getting lots of funding - both scholarship and work. That's AWESOME!! Go Heather.
Allyson Ripple said…
It was really an interesting week for you and your family. I can say that boys at that age have a tendency to break stuff like windows, and my nephew at home is just like that. You are definitely a super mom for doing a great job of juggling your work, your family duties, and your studies.Allyson Ripple
Oh my! Thank goodness Tommy is safe. The broken window panes are quite dangerous as it can cut deep through our skin. That double-paned window needs to be replaced and installed correctly, otherwise, it'll create moisture in between those panes. Don't forget about the vapor-seal insulation or moisture trapping.

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