I'm getting very excited about going back to school.  I'm working on all my pre-work activities:  financial aid forms, reading assignments and I have to write a personal biography with a picture.  I'm working hard to try to get more organized with my time and my priorities in order to prepare me for the increased pressure on my time between work, home and school.  Marcia's Time Mgmt Purpose Pack is really helping me and I might try to take one of her courses in the next month to ensure I know what I need to be doing.

It also looks like DH may be keeping his job at the new company that is acquiring the one he currently works for.  The sale goes through on June 30 (this week!) and they will have an announcement on who is staying, what their new roles and responsibilites are, which ones are being let go and which ones will have temporary assignments at the new company.  He had a phone call on Thursday with someone at the new company, who led him to believe he'd be working for him after July 2 and that the following week, he'd need to be prepared to come out to Colorado for meetings, as this is where the new firm is based out of.  We still don't know for sure they are offering to keep him, what the title, salary and office location he will be with.  We are hoping they keep him working from home based on the East Coast of the US, as the new company will have a lot of sites to take care of in this area.  We'll all keep our fingers crossed.

Other than that, I'm really missing my babies.  They are still at their grandparents this week and this week is Boy Scout Camp.  This is Phoebe's first year there as a volunteer and not a participant and I'm very excited for that.  I think volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to the community.  One of the things I like about where I work is that we have quarterly volunteering opportunities to do together as a team. About  a month and a half ago, I volunteered weeding and mulching at a local park.  It was a lot of fun. 

So soon enough I'll have my babies back, DH will know what's going on with his work, I'll be in school, the boys will be in preschool in September and life will get into a new routine.  For now, I'm working on these transition routines to get us through the now situation.


Is this the one where they go visit their grandparents for a couple of weeks? I remember from last year and I"M JEALOUS. We tried to inflict ours on their granny for ONE night and she said no.....

You guys are very busy - I so hope T's news is good!!!

ps thanks for the link love!
Heather said…
Yup! This is where they go to the grandparents for a few weeks. One of the weeks is Boy Scout Day Camp.

And no problem on the link love. When one loves the product, it's hard not to want to share! It's saving my life right now.
Deanna said…
The in-between can be a hard period sometimes. Y'all will be settled into a new routine before you know it. I bet you will enjoy your classes!
Queenie. . . said…
It sounds like you have a lot going on! I hope things work out with your husband's company.

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