Future WNBA star in family (1); Appts to see house for sale (2)

I don't think I've mentioned yet that I think I have a future WNBA star for a daughter. Not that she's great at shooting a basketball yet, but at 5 1/2 she can dribble the ball and walk very quickly and keep it going the whole time. The reason I bring this up is that at her school this week, they are allowed to bring in something special from home each day. Yesterday's theme was an outside toy. She immediately wanted to bring her basketball. When we get home from work/school, it's one of her favorite things to do to grab the basketball in the garage and start dribbling it around. We're getting a basketball hoop for our driveway sometime in the summer. Then the real fun will begin.

The driveway at the new house is getting its official pavement today. They came really early of course, and I wasn't completely ready for the day yet. I was not in a great mood last night and kind of took it easy. AF started yesterday evening. Thank God, because I was really bitchy all afternoon yesterday. It was almost a relief. However, I've had some pressing financial concerns that were weighing on me for the past two days. I've been worried about what taxes we might be responsible for paying out of pocket this year instead of the bank having in escrow. I was told that with new construction we would owe all our taxes ourselves this year and they wouldn't be in escrow. Well that had me scared. I looked at our settlement sheet last night and I felt much better. I know at least that we paid 10 months of school taxes (which is the most expensive one) at settlement. After that sigh of relief I just wanted a glass of red wine and to relax. I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at 3 AM and went to my bed. I'm glad I chilled last night, because I'm much more motivated today.

Also just to complain. I'm really sick of hearing people say that even though gas prices are rising that it's not affecting the behavior of consumers. I am a consumer, and I'll tell you, I'm not going a lot of places because of the price of gas. My habits are definately affected. I also would like to get a cute little car like a new VW Bug or a mini-Cooper in order to save on gas for my daily commute, but then DH won't be able to drive it on weekends. It's not like I drive an SUV or anything. It's just a mid-size sedan, but it takes premium gas which is getting to be a pain. I like Bugs. My dad had a yellow one when I was a kid and we went 1/2 hour once on fumes.


We moved in our house the end of September so our property taxes (the first year) were only based upon the house being built for 3 months - the rest of the taxes were based upon the lot being empty. We lucked out. I never considered what would have happened if we had built earlier in the year. I would have been freaking too. Glad you got it figured out though...

Thanks for the comments on my blog today. I SO long to go back to the days of watching my kids playing basketball and show and tell at school. Enjoy every minute of it, it certainly doesn't last long (enough). The only thing my daughter wanted for her birthday this year was an electric guitar and eyeliner. I got her both but I also got her a barbie doll as a joke. (Well she'll think it's a joke but for me it was very symbolic.)
Moo Moo said…
the bug/mini cooper are so great with the gas mileage. I wish we had one also :) we just bought an old 1971 bug to restore.. so it will be a while before it's driveable!

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