Everything's on target for settlement on the old house tomorrow at 9 AM. We did our last load of stuff last night and did our final walkthrough and took pictures of the inside and out with no furniture. We made a lot of changes since we first bought this house 7 years ago. Phoebe was being a ham last night. She let me take lots of pics of her in the old house some she was goofing off, some were very pretty. The one I really like is of her standing in front of the sink in the kitchen. I told her that I have pictures of her getting her hair washed in that sink when we first brought her home from the hospital. She had a lot of hair, even then, and loved getting her hair washed back then. She used to make the cutest face! Now here she is 4 feet tall and standing next to the sink and is tall enough to turn the faucet on herself. If I could only get her to wash dishes!!! LOL!

After we loaded up the cars and finished saying our goodbyes to the old house (and I didn't cry), we went out for ice cream at Coldstone Creamery. I had a small Coconut Cream Pie ice cream. Tom's was a medium Banana Caramel something and Phoebe had a kids' size watermelon sorbet with gummy bears. She ended up deciding later she'll never get gummy bears in her ice cream again, but she ate all that sorbet. Which is funny, why does my kid prefer sherbet or sorbet to ice cream? When ice cream is on sale at the supermarket and I let us get some, she always picks out orange sherbet. It is her ultimate favorite. The only ice cream she really likes is chocolate chip mint or strawberry (just like her mommy!).

Tom's in NYC today and will be getting back late, so I have a bunch of stuff to get done with respect to gathering papers to give to the new homeowners tomorrow, along with keys, garage remote openers, etc. I better go make my list for this evening to make sure I don't forget anything.


Good for you that you didn't cry - but it's hard to let go of all those old memories. At least you have a beautiful new house to build new memories in.
Moo Moo said…
Yeah I always get nostalgic when I move... but it's always awesome once the move is over and you get to enjoy the new place! Congrats!

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