Wow! Two days of posting in a row. Not much happening here but lots of work. I got the downstairs weekly cleaning done last night. V. proud of me there. However, I couldn't get up this morning to work out, so not so proud of me there. I did skip the workout so I could get to work at a decent time. V. happy with how that worked out. I've been kicking butt at work today. I think. At least until the next crisis comes along.

Woo hoo!!! Since just writing the last paragraph the next crisis came along and it's awesome! The realtor just called. The buyers want to move up settlement to June 1!!!!! I have so much to do in nine days now, but I'm so happy!


Moo Moo said…
Congrats on the sale of the old house!
emily said…
Thats great news!

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