Things are going very well. Tom and I divided the phone calls about disconnecting utilities and such to the old house. We'll be going to the old house tomorrow to finish moving some things in the garage as well as putting up a standard ceiling fan in the master bedroom (we're taking the one there now) and fixing an access panel in Phoebe's old closet that is for the hallway bathroom plumbing. After that we'll be finished with the old house and our minds can fully be in the new house. I can't wait. I now need to make a list of things to do in the new house and put them into priority. I have to admit, I love going through lists and checking things off.

We'll be leaving work early today as it's the Friday before a holiday weekend. I'm hoping to get a lot of walks with the dog in this afternoon and over the weekend. I went really far the other evening. Like my favorite heroine, Elizabeth in Pride and Predjudice, I am a great walker. There are a few new developments that are still being built around here that are very easy to get to and have wonderful views of the farms in the area. It is really quite beautiful and relaxing. I could use relaxing.

I teased Phoebe this morning. We watched Nanny McPhee last night and this morning, Phoebe got up, got dressed, brushed her teeth, made her bed and was brushing her hair when I came in to check on her. Considering all these things are usually done with much prompting every morning, I teased her and asked if Nanny McPhee had been here. She said, "No, Nanny McMommy!" Too funny.

Today's reading of the latest Bridget Jones in the Independent was good. Sounds like the baby is due any day now, so the story is going to have to go somewhere soon. I've been getting frustrated with the story line she is following right now. I think we all want to find out soon that Bridget's baby is really Mark Darcy's. I mean, it has to be, right?


Crystal said…
Well, I haven't been keep up with B. Jones, but I hope it's Darcy's...

I'm glad things are moving along with the house.

emily said…
The end with the old house is in sight!Yay!

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