The Rest of Life

You'd think I'd be happy selling the old house, but of course my brain is now onto other things as soon as I had the news. It's been tough since Tom left for China on Saturday morning. I miss him terribly. I realized that even though he travels for work sometimes, in almost 12 years of marriage we've really never gone a day without talking at least once. With the miracle of cell phones, we've usually talked at least twice a day when he's out of town. He did call on Tuesday morning and the first words out of my mouth were, "We have two offers on the house!" We had to cut ourselves short of talking so it wouldn't cost too much. I have so much to try to remember to tell him when he gets back. Most are Phoebe stories. The other has to do with his family's finances (my in-laws, not ours). He will not be happy. I've been on the phone with MIL most days as she's trying to help them out with it. Unfortunately, I don't want to go into any more detail.

Here's the rest of my jumbled brain....I'm worried Phoebe watches too much TV. Tom setup a tv in her playroom so she could watch a show the other day. I think I'm going to take it out. I'd rather her be in the family room. She's been turning it on as soon as she wakes up and when she gets home in the evening. I'm trying to work with the dog as she's driving me crazy. She has a lot of energy that needs to get out, but she's a good dog, except she grabbed one of my sweet red peppers off the counter the other day when I was making dinner. That was a purchase wasted. I didn't let her eat it. I don't feel like cleaning up a mess if she gets sick. Oh yeah, and I broke a bottle of olive oil on the granite countertop last night while making dinner. Spilled on the counter, down the new cabinets, and onto the floor. I cleaned it all up, but even after three washings of the floor, there are still some slick spots. I think I'll use the grease-cutting dish soap to wash it tonight.

Good things I did today (other than work) is called the landscaper to start proceedings for the front plantings. I had that on hold until we had a contract on the house. I also called the YMCA for them to mail me a registration packet for after school care for when Phoebe starts Kindergarten in August (yes, the last Monday in August!). I'm getting a lot of work stuff done too. I've been cleaning up a huge messy pile that's been on my desk lately.


mom said…
pretty cool kid im glad everything is fine just read your blog and lol
cat said…
Yah for your house being under contract may it all go smoothly and you sell quickly. Everything else will fall into place and hubby will be home soon! :)

Hope you have a good weekend.
Heather said…
BTW, for anyone that reads these comments... that really is my mom!
Moo Moo said…
congrats on getting the house under contract!

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