I've been really bad about posting lately. We were so busy last week with Tom coming back from China and him getting adjusted back to reality and the EDT time zone. Now we're really busy getting the two items done for the old house from the home inspection so we can be ready earlier than the June 15th settlement date. I'm glad we are, as the realtor today said that the new owners may be interested in settling early on the house, as they are selling a house and they may be able to get out of that one earlier. Earlier is better in our minds! We moved a bunch of stuff yesterday from the old house with help from my in-laws. We'll probably need one more trip like that to finish the job.

Of course last week I got AF four days early and the exact day after DH got home from China, which really sucks. I haven't been on the herbs from the acupuncturist as I ran out and haven't gone back due to lack of time and money. Maybe I'll be able to go back soon. It was really heavy and clotty for the first two days, which is getting us right back to where I was before. I was curious to see what the chiropractic difference would be, but even though my hips feel much better, apparently that is not going to help my other issues. In the meantime, I'm trying some diet changes, such as no coffee and going back to green tea and lots of spinach!

Gotta run home and take care of lots of home stuff this evening!


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