Yeah! Tom called last night from Beijing! It's exactly 12 hours ahead in Beijing, China from the east coast of the USA. Hmmm, wonder if they do daylight savings time. If they don't it would be 13 hours difference in the fall/winter. Anyway, I found out why he hasn't been eating well over there. They put a lot of MSG in the food. Tom's allergic to MSG. Makes his rheumatoid arthritis act up and he feels crappy all over. Poor guy. I told him to see if when he goes out to eat if he can ask for no MSG.

Phoebe has a little cold. She's a little congested and has a cough. I gave her some medicine last night and this morning, and it helped. I know she wouldn't want to miss school today, because I get to leave work early to be at her school at 3 PM for a Mother's Day party. She's been looking forward to it all week. She's also realized she can read a bit and is very excited about it. I started reading Dr. Seuss's "Hop on Pop" two nights ago, and helped her with the words. She's actually paying attention to the letters in the words when she says them, so it's not just that she memorized the book. I really haven't read it much to her in awhile. She took the book in the car this morning. It was so cute. Except I had to not get mad that I couldn't listen to NPR while driving like I usually can, because she kept asking for help with some of the words she doesn't know yet, like 'very' or 'they.' I wonder if she reads my blog, because this morning she watched TV for a little bit, but then turned it off and started playing with her Fischer Price people/house. So I guess I don't have to worry about her watching too much TV. And she made her bed when I asked her too!

This weekend I want to get a lot of things cleaned up around the house, update the checkbook, put things away in the study, and make a list of things we need to do in the new house. We need some more blinds and definately decor! I need to remind myself one room at a time! I can't wait to get this house setup the way we want it.


emily said…
MSG gives me migraines.Ugh!

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