Things are getting a more homey feel at the new house. We went to Walmart this past weekend and picked up some pretty doormats to wipe our feet at the various entrances. It's amazing how nice that makes everything look. We also picked up some cushions for the patio furniture we brought over from the old house. So now we have a nice place to sit in the evenings and have a nice glass of wine after a long day at work.

We're very excited to get through the next two days. Tonite we're finishing the last bits of things to move from the garage at the old house. We can finish this tonight as there isn't much left. The new homeowners have their final walkthrough tomorrow at 11 AM. Then Thursday at 9 AM is settlement at the lawyers office. We're planning on going out to dinner Thursday night to celebrate the closing of that chapter in our lives. It will feel so nice to move on and forward. We'll have so many new things to do at the new house that we need to prioritize. We've been putting it off as we still had so much time invested in selling the old house.

The start of the summer feels like it is officially here from this past holiday weekend. It was really, really hot. We still haven't turned on the air conditioning at the new house. All the windows are open. It's helping get the stuffy new house smell out having the windows open. I really hate stale air.

The other thing I need to get to around here is updating my blogs I link to (quite a few have changed addresses) and start posting more comments on the blogs I read. I need to find a space at home that is my own desk space though. With Tom working at home, the home office is really his domain and quite a mess. We have to work on that. It's not very good for his working capabilities to be trying to work in such disarray.


Crystal said…
Yay! That's good things are pulling together. I bet you can't wait for your honey to come home!

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