Week Recap

I'm really glad to see this week over. Phoebe has been at her grandparents all week and I'm feeling like she's starting to overstay her welcome. Thankfully, we are picking her up tonight and she'll be with us all week.

I also didn't mention this, but I threw a diaper shower at work for my co-worker that is having her third child next week. We waited so long because the lady that works for her was going on vacation for two weeks, so the planning was also all on me. I ordered the cake, sent the invitations and collected the diaper fund $$ from the folks that participated. I'm glad I did it, and I really have no hard feelings, but I don't think she realized I organized it myself instead of the admin who usually does. I don't think our admin was that crazy about throwing a shower for someone who will have her third child as she's fighting infertility issues as well. Myself, I kind of give her a bit of credit for managing that many kids so well.

The other thing that happened this week to make my heart stop is I thought I lost a friend's cat this week. We're cat sitting for friends of ours that have three cats. Every day we've been going to their house, feeding the cats, cleaning the litter boxes, giving them some love and bringing in their mail. They live like 5 minutes from our house so it's no big deal. Last night, as I'm feeding the cats in their respective spots, one of the three cats isn't there. And its the one I've affectionately labeled "love whore" I can't give love to anyone else when this one is around. After searching the entire house high and low, I saw some pictures had fallen off an end table near the couch. The cat was of course, stuck behind the couch and trapped by the end tables. I didn't think any of the cats could've gotten out of the house, because they don't really make a mad dash to try to leave the house, and even though they don't, I'm still paranoid every time I open the door to the house.

I'll be glad for a nice quiet weekend and next week, please.


Kristen said…
Wow, you really did have an adventurous week! I hope you got some R&R in this weekend.

That was really nice of you to throw the diaper shower. I hope she was appreciative of your efforts, considering what you're going through.

Trace said…
I agree w/Kristen. That was really nice of you. On the other hand I threw a shower for my best friend when she was pregnant w/her first child (at my house and everything). I felt good for doing it, but it was bittersweet.

Again, with the nice! Watching your neighbors cats!!
Debbie said…
That was so nice of you to take over the diaper shower planning. I am going to be throwing a baby shower for my BFF in November and I'm not looking forward to it. Although I will get through it, right?

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