Wheatgrass Party Time

We had a wheatgrass party at the Joys House tonight. About two weeks ago, I was at the health food store and found out that someone had ordered a tray of wheatgrass that had just arrived. I didn't know you could order a tray of wheatgrass. I kept that in mind and last Thursday I ordered a tray. It came in on Saturday when we were away, so I picked it up today.

One of the reasons I chose the juicer I bought a few months ago, was because it can juice wheatgrass It's an Omega 8005. So we got to play with making wheatgrass juice when I got home from work today. I say we, because DH did help me. He cut the grass and put it on the counter for me while I fed it into the juicer. The one tray of wheatgrass made about 28 ice cubes. I measured it out and each ice cube is about 1 oz. It's in the freezer right now and when it's completely frozen I'm going ot transfer it to a freezer bag.

I'm so excited to have fresh wheatgrass at home I might be able to give up the 1/2 and 1/2 cup of coffee I've been having the past few days. I had been getting the frozen stuff at the health food store, but it doesn't taste the same as the fresh real stuff, so I haven't felt it was as potent. Before that, I would drive to Newark, DE to a juice bar down there, but it's so out of the way and it get's expensive, so I stopped that for the cheaper frozen stuff that was easier to get, but now this is just awesome to be able to make the real stuff myself!


Trace said…
How does wheatgrass taste?

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