In Between Days

I've been really busy with work the past few days. It's funny I've been so busy, because I'm working from home most of this week, and you know how people always think it's a picnic when you're working from home.

I'm working from home because the emergency backup childcare at my work apparently isn't very good for emergencies. Phoebe is spending most of the summer at her grandparents, which includes overnights since they are over and hour away from us. She's usually OK with this and spent three weeks in a row there last summer. But for some reason last week she was really homesick, so we brought her home for the week. Except for the fact that DH is traveling for work, so he only worked from home on Monday. Since the backup childcare at my work is full and we're #11 on the waitlist, I've been working from home. Which is great for me anyway, because I have a lot of straight computer work to do and it's been great for being undisturbed by other work concerns. Phoebe's at a great age where she's either playing by herself or with the girls in the neighborhood, so she's not too much worry. Just need to be here and feed the kid at mealtimes.

I think we need to get out of here for errands today though. I'm starting to get a bit stir crazy.

On the baby-making front, I'm kind of in between waiting for fertile days and understanding where my brain is at. At church this Sunday, there were lots of signs that seemed to point us to adopting from Columbia. The word adoption was in the song before the gospel and the visiting priest who did the homily was a missionary who does a lot of work in Columbia. And the theme to the mass was the persistance of prayer and that they will be answered. But that withstanding, I still feel the possible need to buck the system and if we should go back to the doctor. Very unsure. So until then, I'm drinking my teas and taking my herbs and watching what I eat (most of the time...)


Trace said… The girl on this blog adopted from Columbia. Her son is BEAUTIFUL, but my understanding is that Columbia takes a long time and you have to go there for an extended period. Anyway, check out her blog.

As I sit her in my stuffy office I am envious... I too am in a holding pattern w/the infertility clinic. Next Friday (8/10) I have the endometrial biopsy and the following Monday the vag. ultrasound (dildo cam, ha ha). I just want the testing done so I can breathe a sigh of relief!

There is no reason that I know of that would cause infertility, but I have found that since I have been exposed to so many women who suffer from various fertility issues I am so wary.

At this point I only want one child...
Well-heeled mom said…
I'm finding that it's no picnic to work from home. I just feel like I'm neglecting my son. Of course, I felt that way when I worked outside the home too, so there ya go.
Kirsten said…
I've quickly found that working from home isn't all that great, which isn't helping my debate about whether or not to return, but oh well. I just get too distracted at home (not that I don't spend my fair share of time on the net while I'm at work...hehehehe)
I totally believe in signs...I'm interested to see what happens with your story :)
Crystal said…
I've heard great things about Columbian adoption. We were at my hubby's old office and someone from there was adopting.

Many good thoughts that things go well if you chose to go that route...
lisalou said…
Thanks for your positive comments over at my place. It sounds like you have a lot of exciting possibilities. Good luck!

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