Monday, Monday

Yesterday was such a Monday. Glad that's over. It felt like one of those days where everything is just cr*p. DH took DD to his work in Aberdeen, MD and I let them borrow my beautiful new laptop for her to play games and watch movies. She accidentally spilled water on it. It's dead now. Thankfully I have a warranty, but I need to call the Apple store about how to get it fixed and hopefully I won't lose the pictures I had stored on there and my budget file. I hadn't gotten around to setting up the backup yet. Work was tough too. Working hard trying to meet deadlines and not feeling like I was getting anywhere. Got home and DH and DD didn't get home until 8 PM, because she wanted crabs for dinner and he was trying to find a place that was open. He even admitted last night that he can't say no to her. Them being so late totally through everything I had planned out the window. I love DD immensely, but I told him this morning I want to call him Haphazard Man, because he gets things done, but not when you expect it and at the last minute. I just think the end of summer crazies are getting to me and I just want to get back to a normal routine. Every time I start doing good at working out on a regular schedule, we stay out late and then I can't get up in the morning.

But thankfully, today is another day. Things are still kind of icky, but I had it out with DH this morning and he so understands how I feel. Some of my work yesterday did come to fruition this morning, and while I waited for them to come home last night, I weeded the flowerbeds in the entire front yard! And today and work a co-worker brought me a jasmine plant of my own to take home. I'm so excited. I need to keep it in the pot, put it outside in full sun and bring it into the conservatory for the winter. He also told me to repot it in the spring. These jasmine blossoms are going to smell so nice in the house next year.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed on what it will take to get the laptop fixed and get my data back.


Heather said…
Good luck with the computer thing...I love computers but it is such a pain to get anything done without them now. We totally rely on ours.
Loren said…
..I just wanted to thank you for your friend's story- and I TOTALLY think you can claim credit for at least half of that baby! It was nice to hear that story, since it's so similiar to mine..the trying for a year, the early loss...maybe the end result will be similiar too! I can only hope.
And I hope your data gets retrieved and all is good on the laptop front. We're an Apple family,too! Don't you love em?
Kirsten said…
Eeek...sorry to hear about the!!!! Hopefully all your data will be recovered; I also store pretty much everything on my laptop and can't go a day without it, ball & chain :)
That's sweet that he will do anything for his daughter but I know it can be frustrating, too. I am starting to see it already in my little girls and some of their relatives who jump at any little peep they make!
Trace said…
OH NO!!! Not lappy (as my new SIL calls it). Atleast you won't lose what is one it.

Your husband commutes to Aberdeen, MD each day? Woah!! Is that a huge commute for him? AND, the college where he went for the masters is a distance in the other direction. One strong dude to do all that driving (road rage & all that).
Debbie said…
Oh that stinks about the computer, I hope they can recover it.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
Kristen said…
Oh, I hope you were able to fix the computer without losing anything. I am so bad about backing up my files and then my computer craps out on me and I lose it.

I have an iMac and I had to replace the motherboard 3 months after I bought it. Needless to say, I'm not too thrilled with Apple at the moment. I bought a Sony Vaio laptop and I love it. I only wish I could've gotten the pink one :)

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