What's A Sun?

It's been rainy and dreary here since Sunday. On Sunday I liked it, but by now it's gotten old. We haven't seen the sun since Saturday and I haven't been able to wake up in the morning all week. The weatherman keeps saying we'll see the sun each day, but then it never materializes.

I haven't sent my laptop in for repairs yet. I can start it up plugged in now, so that's a lot better. But the number four key still won't work. I think that's the only problem left. Eventually I'll send it in for repairs, but I'm so behind on a lot of computer stuff, I don't like to be without it.

For those that have found my blog by searching for LisaJH's Bridget Jones Fan Fiction, it disappeared from the old website a few months ago, but I've found something even better. SFaith on Live Journal posted a new Bridget fan fic story this week. It's a continuation of one of her previous stories. I highly recommend. I'm late for work this morning because I wanted to finish reading it. Enjoy!

Oh and everyone wish me and Debbie luck this month. We're cycle buddies! Usually, I'm not into that as cycle buddies are usually those perky girls on discussion boards filled with sparkly "babydust" But us cantankerous (but optimistic!) IF blog ladies are cool cycle buddies! Wish us luck!


SaraS-P said…
I completely understand the laptop addiction. I wouldn't be able to part with mine either!
Heather said…
Good luck!!!
Sandra said…
Wow... I found your mention of my stuff when I was trying to locate what might have become of LisaJH's fiction. I am super flattered!

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