Trying to Climb Back Up

It's Thursday and things are looking up. I worked late last night as I'm off today and tomorow. Today we get to visit Phoebe's first grade classroom and teacher. I'm looking forward to that. Then we are going to NYC tonight with friends. Phoebe will be going to her grandparent's. I've so been looking forward to this trip to NYC. We haven't had a childfree trip there in a long time. When we have gone in the past, we would lament over that we couldn't be sitting in some quiet cafe drinking wine over dinner or go to the hotel bar in the evening for drinks. Now I just can't wait for this weekend to be over so we can start the school year and a normal schedule.

I'm trying to remind myself to be positive. I know that I do believe in that whole "Law of Attraction" thing from "The Secret." It's not that secret. It's just the power of positive thinking that has worked for me most of my life.

So I have a driver's license again, I have two of my credit cards. Today, I want to go to the bank and get a new check card. My wallet is definately a lot lighter. I did also learn a new organization trick for all those rewards cards, grocery store/Costco cards, etc. A friend at work showed me how her's aren't in her ordinary wallet. She has a small wallet that just has slots for cards and she keeps all her rewards/grocery shopping type cards in there. I'm going to go and look for one of those over the next few weeks. I think it will help me keep those better organized as I start collecting those again.


Trace said…
The card storage is a GREAT idea. I may steal that one!!
Debbie said…
I'm glad things are turning around. I have a seperate "wallet" for all my rewards, gift cards, etc. It is very helpful.
Tara said…
Ugh - it seems every place you shop at has a different card. My wallet is thick with shopping/rewards/credit cards.

Good luck rebuilding your wallet.
Crystal said…
I have one of those little wallets that holds random cards. I really simplified my wallet situation about a year ago. It's mind liberating.

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