Laptop Update

So I can use my laptop a little bit. It won't start up if it's plugged in, but if I unplug it, it will start up and then I can plug it in to keep it charged. The key for the number four won't work either. I took it into the Apple store, and it won't be covered under warranty because it was accidental damage. Kind of sucks. I wanted to let it dry out a few more days and see what would happen, but the status doesn't seem to be changing. I'm going to call the 800 number for Apple and have them send me a box to send it in for repairs and then my warranty will be good again. I'm going to have to pay to have it fixed, so after that's done, I don't think I'll be letting other people touch my laptop too often. After I send it in, I'll have to do my blog updates from DH's laptop or from work, so I don't know how many I'll be able to make.

Also on other updates, Aunt Flo showed up again today. I think the herbs are working. So far it doesn't seem too heavy or clotty and I didn't have any major PMS symptoms. So I think we're onto something and I'd like to stay on these herbs for another month and see what happens.


Kristen said…
I'm so sorry about your laptop. That sucks it has to be out of pocket. I took my laptop on a plane once and the LCD screen cracked from going through security. Needless to say that wasn't covered either.

I'm sorry AF showed up but at least she is being less aggressive than usual. I'm glad the herbs are working!
Beth said…
Sorry about your laptop. That's a bummer!!! I'm also sorry AF showed up. But at least the herbs sound promising. I wish you the best!
Anonymous said…
Maybe the number 4 is just overrated and you don't really need it anyway!
Lauren said…
UGH all the way around.
Debbie said…
Yeah! I'm so glad to have a cycle buddy this month.

Come on Heather, we can do this.
Crystal said…
Sorry about the laptop and AF. I hope both situations get better soon!

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