Back to School Time

My week off was wonderful, but now it's time to get to the back to school/work routines. Phoebe had her first day of 2nd Grade today. Hopefully, I'll have time tonight to post the pic Leo took of her on the front step in her "Back to School" clothes and new backpack. She looked so cute!!!! I can't wait to get home today to find out how the first day of school went. She kept telling me she didn't want to go to school today and that she doesn't like school. But when we went to visit her new teacher last week, she didn't want to leave the library!!! And she gave the librarian a big hug. It was so sweet. I hope she has a good time this year. She does very well in school, so that's not an issue.

So now we'll be getting back to after school activities. Ice skating starts tomorrow!!! She's in Gamma 1 for those that out there that know about ISI levels. She went up a level over the summer, she worked so hard. CYFF (Catholic education classes) don't start up until mid September, thank goodness. She has First Communion this year, so there will be some extra parent meetings for me and a retreat that we need to go with her on one of the Spring weekends. She's so looking forward to wearing the Communion dress that all her aunts and girl-cousins wore. My MIL is talking about putting an extra layer of lace at the bottom, so it's at least tea length. She tried it on this spring before it went to Wisconsin for her cousin, Beth and it just fit. I think the middle will fit great still by next spring, but we all know her legs keep growing longer every day! And we'll be getting back to guitar lessons soon too. Her teacher had knee surgery this summer, so she's had the summer off. I want to get the piano from my in-laws soon, so we can get it tuned and we can both start piano lessons. She plays around with the piano at OperaDE and she can make up her own tunes that sound so pretty.

On the second child front, we have a post-op appointment with the RE on Friday morning at 9 AM. We already talked a little and I believe we're going to be able to start again in October for another IVF cycle and we agreed that the protocol I was on for the last one was spot on and no need to change.


Lynda said…
Glad there's another IVF cycle for you in the wings. Take care.
Martha said…
Best Wishes for a great school year for Phoebe and the IVF cycle. Thanks for the update.
Anonymous said…
hi heather,
i have been a lurker off & on for a long time now, following your IF journal as i deal with my own. I hadn't chked in in a while and am very sorry to hear about the m/c. I know how painful it is. good luck with the next cycle
sara said…
Sounds like things are really in full swing for your family - that's great! I hope your appointment goes well on Friday - I'll keep my fingers crossed for a good game plan.
Just Me. said…
Here's praying all goes well on Friday.

Phoebe sounds so cute.

Thinking of you.


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