Getting Back in the Swing of Things

I need to get back to blogging everyday. With the vacation and Phoebe starting school again, it's been difficult. But we'll be gearing up for our next IVF cycle and my goal is to make life as relaxed and productive as possible until then.

Last night was a good start. I'm getting back into my Flylady routines and we had leftovers for dinner (whole-wheat pasta, sausage and roasted brocolli), got dinner cleaned up, got Phoebe ready for bed, which included making sure all her toys were put away before bed (that hasn't happened in a looooong time!). I was also able to go on the elliptical machine for 45 minutes and did some yoga for about 20 minutes afterward. BTW, I've noticed my belly still doesn't realize it's not pregnant. When I try to pull my belly in when doing forward bends and other poses, I noticed it really wants to stick out. So my butt is looking better from the past two weeks on the elliptical machine, but my belly looks worse than ever. I feel great though, healthy, so I'm just going to spend some time in the evening on some core exercises to make sure my lower back stays strong no matter what direction my belly decides to go in, LOL.

My next steps are to reread some chapters of Julia Indichova's book The Fertile Female and to actively post on her boards on her website. I know I need to keep working on the emotional issues that I know affect how I feel about being a mother again. I also like that her work also helps bring clarity to other areas of your life as well.


Trace said…
It's so hard to get into that healthy mentality. I'm really struggling with it right now. It's not easy with so many hormones involved.

We're going away this weekend, but next week and next weeked (the 20th) I'm around if you want to get together.
Martha said…
Flylady is amazing. Good for you for taking care of yourself.
Lynda said…
Glad you're feeling fit and well. Good on you for striving forward with things. I did order The Fertile Female book BTW (you asked if I had on my blog), and am on chapter 2. I see what you mean about how she (Julia Indivocha) goes into more detail in her 2nd novel.I know EXACTLY what you mean about emotional issues - currently working through some of my own! ;) x
dmarie said…
Sounds like you have a plan! Every time I look at my dirty sink before bed I think of the
docgrumbles said…
with my second loss, my body took forever to get un-pregnant. In fact, I freaked out and started a diet. I hope you don't do that - I think exercising is a better plan.

I take it your bleeding stopped. That's always a welcome bit of closure.

I hope your healing progresses well.
Kirsten said…
I'm gonna have to look into Flylady! Daniel and I have been putting off our workout routine for months...we were doing SO good before our vacation but have totally fallen off the wagon. And I wish I had access to an eliptical because my butt needs major help!!!
Geri said…
Heather, I discovered your blog today. First of all, I am very sorry for your loss. I lost a PG on Aug 23rd myself, my second this year.
I am also a Randine Lewis reading, wheatgrass drinking, acupunture receiving optimist and am trying hard for baby 3# at 41.
Anyway I just wanted to comment as I obviously feel some kinship with you and wanted to let you know how sorry I am. Good luck with your next IVF!
Anonymous said…
Wow I remember when i could do 45 minutes on the elliptical. Now I'm lucky if I do 30 minutes once a week, LOL! Good for you.

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