Second Grade - Turning a Corner?

Phoebe has seemed so much different in the last week or two and in such a good way that my brain is amazed at her transformation.

Firstly, she seems to have a lot more focus. Both her ice skating coach and guitar teacher have made this comment last Thursday. All of a sudden she is much less talk and more doing what she needs to do. They both made comments at what a difference there seems to be. And let me tell you, my heart swelled triple-size to hear her praised like this.

The other thing that I've noticed is that I don't need to nag her to do the things that she needs to do as much as I used to. Last week, if I came home after her (DH was working from home a lot last week, so I could do this) I'd find her sitting on the couch, no TV on, reading a book, which is part of her homework to read for 15 minutes. It was such an odd thing to see! And then Saturday I took her grocery shopping with me. Usually when we get back from grocery shopping, she makes a beeline for the TV and doesn't want to help get the groceries in and put away. She didn't do that on Saturday. She helped bring all the bags in - without me asking! And then helped put them all away. She really knew where everything needed to go.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I am loving every minute of this "new Phoebe." Of course I've been thanking her for all her help and praising her for not needing me to nag her to do her homework and such. Yesterday evening we even had time to play tennis in our driveway!!! I thought that was an appropriate reward. I always tell her that one of the perks of getting things done and helping me get my stuff done faster, is so we can have some playtime together. I'm hoping this continues throughout the school year.


Martha said…
How cool! I'm proud of your little girl too, what a Sweetheart! She is growing up so quickly, gosh, listen to me, I sound like a freaking doting auntie! Really great to hear she is doing so well. She reminds me of my youngest son who is a self starter, I have to nag my 13 y/o waaaay more. When he is helpful, I ask him, "Who are you? And what have you done with my son?" Thank you for reminding me to catch my kids doing things right and don't forget to Play!
Lauren said…
Once you figure out the secret you really have to share it. :-)

If it is indeed being in 2nd grade than I guess I have to wait another year.
Trace said…
You must be proud of yourself! I reinforces what you've been trying to teach her. Aw, she's growing up.
Tina said…
What are you doing right? Please share your method! :)

Kirsten said…
That's awesome! And I love that your reward was spending time together, outside doing something physical...perfect! Way to go, mom :)
nancy said…
Definitely awesome!
carla said…
Um, I hope you know I'm now clinging to this post as my daughter rebels and tantrums.....using it as a THINGS WILL GET BETTEREASIER IN TIME reminder.


Lynda said…
Congrats on doing such a good job with Phoebe - she sounds delightful!

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