Losing the IVF Pounds

I know I'm going to be doing IVF again in October, but keeping my weight at a healthy level is part of a larger goal for me. I want to make sure that when I get pregnant next time, it is a very healthy pregnancy and that I stay in shape. This has nothing to do with the actual weight on the scale. I just want to make sure I'm in the best place physically when I get pregnant again.

We have an elliptical machine at home that I absolutely love and I'm trying to create a habit to spend 45 minutes on it every day. This started about three weeks ago. Last week it didn't go so well because DH was away for work and sitting on the couch with DD is so comforting when he's not around. But I'm back to it this week and it's going well. My butt is starting to not sag so much and getting itself into a better, perkier shape.

BUT ... I did have some strange weight shifts with the last IVF cycle. My stomach. It's bloated, especially in the evenings. In the morning it's not so bad. Now please note, I am not used to this at all. My butt is usually the bane of my existance. Usually when I start exercising, even if it's on my lower half, the stomach is usually flatter than a board earlier than my butt takes shape.

I think its a combination of my hormones being out of whack and the fact that I've taken up with some bad-for-me dairy products again. In particular with my cup of coffee at work in the morning. At least I keep myself to just that one and I haven't been having any after that. So what I'm trying to do to help my hormones and bloatedness is drinking a dandelion detox tea a few times a day and I made a pot of kitchari for my lunches this week. I've been keeping breakfast light but nourishing and the same with dinner. Breakfast has carbs, dinner has no carbs and low protein, like a big salad or roasted veggies. I've also restarted some ab exercises and yoga last night when I was finished with the elliptical machine.

It seems to be working. I have actually seen some pounds come off on the scale (I did gain 5 lbs during my IVF cycle in July/August) and things are feeling more like my old body again. I did take the stairs yesterday at work - 5 flights - and I wasn't winded in the slightest! However, I did have a setback last night when we took Phoebe to Dunkin Donuts after her ice skating class. That chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles did call to me!!! But hey, you gotta live a full life. Nobody said I was trying for sainthood!!!

In staying with definining the next days post - tomorrow will be my thoughts on the election. I'm currently one of the undecided vote, but I do have some definite opinions and I will need to decide by election day.


Martha said…
Good for you, Heather, that's so great you are working on your health. I wonder if you are lactose intolerant, my youngest and I both are. I am anxious to hear your insights into the election, California is Democratic leaning. Pennsylvania will be a deciding state. Barack The Vote for me, McPalin is too old, out of touch, and his views on economy, reproductive rights, and the environment SCARE me. What can I say? When you have taken care of girls after a coat hanger or Drano abortions, live near several toxic waste sites, and Don't believe in creationism, it all comes into focus for me. Good Luck and I respect your view and you will have a much bigger role in this election than the Liberal Los Angeleno!
lisalou said…
thanks for the positive encouragement. You sound like you are doing well too!
sara said…
You seem to have a great plan, and I hope that any pounds you want to lose just fall right off. I think you have a great attitude - every diet needs a little room for a treat now and then :-) I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the election as well. I think I have decided which way I want to vote - but I definitely swing both ways (not the "both ways most people think of, LOL!) I mean both democratic and republican of course :-) Glad to hear you're doing okay..

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