Last Week Butt Kicking

I don't know looking back if last week kicked my butt or if I managed to still kick butt back. All three of us were fighting off different kind of bugs, but no one was sick enough to stay home sick. So Leo was traveling, I got Phoebe on and off the bus, we did all after-school activities and managed to keep moving. I made chicken soup on Friday night to help us all get rid of our different sicknesses.

Some people were asking how to get to the "corner turning" we seem to have achieved in Phoebe's focus. I think it has to do with Flylady routines. For those of you who have never checked her out - DO IT! I've been flying off and on since Phoebe was born and it's always helped us keep our heads above water. And with this school year it seems to have helped Phoebe too. She has her own list of things that have to be done after school. We started this last year, but she still fought doing it on her own. I think now that it's a whole new year and she's a whole year more mature, it's starting to click. I'm trying to impress on her that she can't play with her friends or watch TV until homework and guitar practice is done. The days that we have after-school activities, there is also very little of friends or TV. She's getting better with understanding this and we try to make sure she has plenty of time for those things on the weekend.

On the next IVF cycle status, AF still hasn't shown up. It's been over 4 weeks since my D&E. It can show up any day now and if it hasn't in 6 weeks, I'm supposed to call the doctor. Wouldn't it be a hoot if I got pregnant in between these cycles? It would save me the co-pays for the next cycle.


Martha said…
I hope you all feel better soon. You are so funny joking about AF and your cycles.
nancy said…
Yes, it would be a fabulous hoot!

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