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1. I have made some great friends to support me through both infertility as well as parenting. Parenting after infertility is much different than parenting after a "normal" pregnancy. You think about things a lot more and want to make sure you make the right decisions. Not that other parents don't do that. It's just different. You seem to appreciate your children in a different way.

2. I've learned a lot by reading other bloggers' experiences how much a person can go through and still come out OK. It's amazing the human capacity for survival.

3. There will always be a part of me that Leo doesn't understand because he is a man and that's OK. I don't like him to read my blog, because he doesn't understand that when it seems like I talk a lot about infertility on my blog, that that is not all I think about when I'm not talking in real life. I write about infertility here so I can try to compartmentalize it and forget about it and go on with the rest of my life.

4. It's helped me understand my thoughts about IVF, domestic and international adoption. I've loved reading other people's experiences with each of these situations.

5. I also love reading blogs of American expats. I like the idea of living in another country for awhile. Leo and I toy with that idea every now and then. My current favorites are Americans living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and London, England.

Myself, I'm going to break some rules and not tag anyone at all. Have a great weekend! I will have two posts today, as next I will be posting about the election as promised.


Lynda said…
I liked your list - identify with most of it esp. no. 3. That is why I blog too - to have somewhere to vent, put down in writing where I'm at around it all & then hopefully am able to be just that little more present in my life outside of SIF. My husband doesn't understand the extent of how I've been affected by SIF either. I also agree about parenting after SIF/IF being very different.

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